Why Having Kids Sucks
Posted On 3 Nov 13   under Kids, Pictures

One should always keep an eye on them or they will do plenty of stupid and crazy things. Collection of 30 funny pictures showing that having kids is about 10% heart-warming, rewarding moments, and about 90% moments like these.

35 Hilarious Pictures of Sh*t Ruined by Kids
Posted On 8 Aug 11   under Kids, Pictures

Collection of crazy and funny pictures form the blog Sh*t my kids ruined that are going to make you think twice about the pleasures of parenthood.

40 Funny and Crazy Kids Pictures
Posted On 7 Aug 11   under Kids, Pictures

Kids are innocent, cute and most of the time they are crazy. Here is the collection of some of the funny and crazy pictures of kids which will make you laugh.

60 Examples Of Bad Parenting
Posted On 2 Jul 11   under Fail, Kids, Pictures

No matter how bad a parent you may believe yourself to be, here is the proof that there are still those that are. Collection of 60 Funny Parenting Fail Pictures.

40 Funny Dressed Kids
Posted On 20 Jun 11   under Kids, Pictures

Funny Kids Costumes – Pore little guys, suffering from there parents ideas. But they will have something to laugh about, when they are older.

Funny Kids Pictures
Posted On 7 Apr 11   under Kids, Pictures
Cute and Funny Kids Pictures
Posted On 6 Apr 11   under Kids, Pictures
30 Cute Baby Pictures
Posted On 31 Oct 10   under Kids, Pictures
Cute Kids – Funny Expressions
Posted On 19 Jul 10   under Kids, Pictures

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