Meanwhile in Russia
Posted On 28 Oct 11   under Music, Videos

Meanwhile in Russia some crazy dudes in a band decided to take their music to another level, perhaps in hope of getting more exposure.

Super Mario In Real Time On A Violin‏
Posted On 20 Jul 11   under Cool Videos, Music, Videos

An incredibly talented violinist plays the mario theme song in real time.

Birdie Gets Down
Posted On 30 Jun 11   under Funny Videos, Music, Videos

Anyone willing to have a dance off with this guy? You’d be in for a tough challenge.

Music using Windows XP and 98 Sounds
Posted On 18 Jun 11   under Music, Videos

Remember those sounds created by Windows XP or Windows 98 when it starts up or when error occurs in the system or when you click on some items. Awesome video showing a piece of music made using some of the various sounds Windows XP and 98 come with.

Husky Dog Sings with iPAD – Better than Bieber!
Posted On 17 Jun 11   under Animals, Music, Videos

Husky Dog Singing with iPAD better than Bieber!

People Of Walmart Song
Posted On 28 May 11   under Music, Videos

This is an ode to the People Of Walmart by Jessica Frech. It catalogs every known species of Walmart shopper. It’s an anthropological marvel.

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