This is an insult! It is wise

Exactly! This is an insult! It is wise, it is what it is. And you want to keep it low-key throughout the game. You will not excel, you're not going to beat these thieves and soldiers and unknown assassins. Want to stay in the middle of a solid, no one will take care of your way, because you are not a threat, because they think you will sooner or later eliminated, they should focus on getting rid of the basically, you will survive stronger as Cain.But champion faster Chaol continue. When they woke up the morning of the final showdown, you will discover their opponents you beat them in their faces made all the insults and lack of concern. He reached out for the lead. So, did you mean that, Lillian Gordaina? I see myself, she said softly, grabbing her hand. However, I must say, you are very shiny, Captain. So bright, in fact, I could give you, I'll fly a smile jewelry tonight.Chaol the Queen walked outside where they ran the race awaited.Her lungs burned, his heavy legs, but she continued to run through maintaining championship wrapped up its position. Brullo, Chaol and other coaches Come by three dozen armed guards all & mdash; they followed on horseback around the game park. Some champions, grave, including Ned and Bill were long-term handcuffs. She considers it a privilege Chaol not block it. But to his surprise, Cain took the lead before the rest of them nearly ten yards. How could it be faster? Leaves cracking, difficulty breathing filled the warm autumn air, and Celaena preserved in the wet and shiny black hair over his eyes, she is a thief. Then, step, breath, breath. Respiratory & mdash; should remember to keep breathing.Ahead, Cain turned a corner, North & mdash; at the castle. Like birds, they followed him. One step after another, never idle. Cain enable them see, let them plot against him. She did not need to win to prove she is good & mdash; it is no better in any form of verification, the king can not give it! She missed the breath, his knees tremble, but she remained standing. Run will be completed soon. Soon.She did not even dare look behind her to see if it has decreased. She could feel the eyes on her Chaol, however, to remind him to keep in the middle. At least he trusted her.The many trees broken, revealing the scene between the laying of the play yard and stables. End of the path. His head is spinning, it will be in the process cut by his side, his tone had to do cross stitch curse. She had to stay in the middle. In middle.Cain stay clear of trees and lifted his arms in victory head. He ran a few feet, slowed the pace to calm down, and his coach for his cheers. Celaena only answer is to keep his feet moving. Only a small digital left foot. Open field under the light becomes brighter with the approach. Stars in his eyes shone, his rush to view. She had to stay in the middle. training for years and Arobynn Hamel had taught him to abandon the danger has passed easily.Then, she passed through the trees, open space and grass field and blue sky explosion surrounded it. She slowed to a stop in front of men. What it is that it can do to keep down his knees, his legs, but his slow, slow, slow, leaving his feet to walk, to do after a breath, she continued to star as before eyes.Good sudden, Brullo say, to control his horse, and who first measured the return. Water. We have more training, his vision this.Through spot, she saw Chaol stopped his horse. His feet moved to its own consistency, so long ago, in the woods. Where are you going? I gave my ring there, she lied, trying his best to see forgetful. Give me some time to find it. Without waiting for his approval, she entered the champion who had heard the ridicule and derision trees. Closely to the voice of the collapse, she knew another champion on his way. She went into the bush under the cover of darkness and stumbled as the world becomes brighter and tilt. She hardly reached her knees, she heaved a sigh vomited.She until it does not stay in the car. Get behind the champion. Trembling in the limbs, she struggled to a nearby tree, and pulled himself upright. She found the Westfall captain standing on the road, watching his pursed lips.She wiped his mouth on the back of his wrist, said nothing, and she withdrew from the woods.Chapter 13It is lunchtime, when they released Brullo day, and he said Celaena hunger would be a serious understatement. She dropped her meal, meat and bread shovel to her throat when the door of the dining room opened. What are you doing here? She passed mouthful.What say? Said the captain of the guard, sitting at the table. He had changed his clothes and bathed. This salmon dish to him and piled into his own plate. Celaena made a grimace of disgust, wrinkling her nose. You do not care about salmon? I hate fish. I'd rather die than eat it.That surprising, he said, take bite.Why? Because you feel like one.She opened his mouth, exposing the bread and beef, she chewed ball. He shook his head. You can ask, but your behavior is disgr ??ace.She until he mentions before vomiting, but did not continue. I can act, speak like a lady if she wants me.Then I suggest you start doing it. After a pause, he asked, how do you value your freedom, sometimes? It was a sarcastic remark or an honest question? He took the fish to bite. You like.The window shows the sky of the afternoon, a little pale, but still cute. I enjoyed it, in most cases. Especially now that I have my books, as long as you lock me read. I do not think you understand.On contrary. I do not have much time to read and Dorian that you do, but that does not mean I like all books less.She bit into an apple. This is a pie, with an aftertaste like sweet honey. Oh? What do you like the book? He mentioned a few, she blinked. Well, this is a good choice & mdash; most. What people? She asked, in a way a one hour flight, carrying their conversation wings. Suddenly the clock struck one, it's your afternoon Rose.The you like.Where How will you spend? To rest my limbs and I lungs.Yes, well, I hope things before reading the quality I see you again.He sniffing the air, he came out of his room. I hope you take a shower before I see you again.Sighing, Celaena called her maid drew his bath. Learn more about beckoned.The a balcony dawn the next afternoon, the bedroom door opened Celaena, and a stalking approach familiar sounds in the room. Chaol Westfall suddenly stopped when he found the murderer of the bedroom door beams hanging, lifting her chin repeatedly touching the wood. Sweat soaked his shirt and streams running down her pale skin. She practiced for an hour. Her arms, she lifted her trembling time. Although it can be laying in the middle of the pack, there is no reason to make like it. Even repeated each time his body screamed for her to stop. It is not out of shape & mdash; after all, she was overweight in choosing mining. It certainly has nothing to do with its competitors in the race to their advantage yesterday.She overcame him. She just needs a little sharper.She it has not stopped her training, she smiled at him, panting through his teeth. To his surprise, he smiled back.By afternoon, creating a vicious rainstorm, Chaol allow Celaena walk around the castle and then he will complete his training with another championship day. Although he seldom spoke, she was happy to leave his room, and in one of her new dresses and mdash dress, beautiful lavender silk skirt with pink lace and beaded accents beads. But they turned a corner and almost collided with Kaltain Rompier. Assassin would winced, but she forgot all about Kaltain his eyes fell on his companion. This is a careless Eyllwe is amazing, long and thin, his face every time the perfectly formed smooth face. His loose white dress contrasts with its cream brown skin, torque, and three golden covers his chest and neck. Ivory and gold bracelets flashing around his wrist, his feet in sandals match under anklet. Thin small dangling circle, including gold and the crown of his head jewelry. She had her two guards, armed to the teeth curved daggers and swords Eyllwe classification, and they learn Chaol Celaena close & mdash; Weighing threat.The Eyllwe daughter is a princess.Captain Westfall! Kaltain said, and greet. Beside her, a man walking in the government of red suits and black bow princess pair.The Eyllwe remained motionless, his alert brown eyes, she attended Celaena and his companions. Celaena gave him a smile, and approached the princess, her guard a little tight. She moved to an easy grace.Kaltain said the girl, her beautiful face through bad writing hide disgust. This is Her Royal Highness Princess Nehemia Ytger Eyllwe.Chaol worshiped. Princess nodded, his chin barely swim. Celaena know the name & mdash; she often heard Nehemia beauty and bravery Endovier boast Eyllwe slaves. Nehemia, Eyllwe light, which can save them from boredom. Nehemiah, who may one day rule the king Adarlan threatened her homeland when she ascended the throne. Nehemia, they whispered, who smuggled information and supplies to rebel groups hiding Eyllwe. But what is she doing here? And his wife, Lillian, Kaltain add briskly.Celaena laid low curtsy, it can give no down Eyllwe welcomed Rifthold you Highness.Princess Nehemia smiled slowly, and others stunned. The director beams, wiping the sweat from his forehead. Why not send Prince Nehemia and even Perrington? Why Kaltain Rompier princess? Thank you you rush around, the princess said, his voice low.I Imagine you have a long journey, continue Eyllwe in Celaena. You arrived today, sir? Nehemia guards exchanged glances, and Nehemia slightly higher front. Not too many northerners speak their language. Yes, it sends a queen & mdash; Nehemia pulled his head Kaltain & mdash; men around me to sweat as well. Little Princess director, who wrung his hands, wiped his forehead with a handkerchief narrowed eyes. Maybe he knew what kind of threat caused by Nehemia, but why take him to the castle? Celaena ran his tongue over his teeth, not to laugh. He seemed a bit nervous. She had to change the subject, she laughed indeed. What is your castle? This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen, Nehemiah says, scanning the ceiling, as if she would see through the glass portion of the stone. I'd rather go sand.Chaol castle look, some disbelievingly.I'm afraid I do not understand a word you say, Kaltain interrupted. Celaena tried not to roll your eyes & mdash; she forgot that woman in there. Good? You will? We need you are.No leave soon, she said through her food.For was so superstitious, you might angered the gods by dealing. I think the killer will be taken during the day dead.She more interested in making a crazy face, she continued to eat. I love my own way. Maybe I'll make a sacrifice or two of my own.He up, patting his sword. Own mind, and I left. Do not dress too well & mdash; Brullo tell me you still train this afternoon. You have a test tomorrow.Again? We do not just have it three days ago? She moans. The final test is already on the spear on horseback, his wrist still tender.But place, he said nothing more, and his room in silence. Although she tried to forget the sound of the whip still in its purchasing department ears.Grateful is finally over, Dorian Havilliard crossed the castle grounds by himself. Religious believe not move him, and after praying Pew sat murmuring prayers hours later, he urgently needs some fresh air. And solitude.He through his teeth and sighed and rubbed his temples station, and walked through the garden. Through its women, and everyone giggled behind greet their fans clusters. Dorian gave them a brief nod, he crossed. His mother had used the ceremony as an opportunity to recognize all women eligible for it. He spent the whole service as much as possible not to lift his shot lungs.Dorian cry, almost hit a number of blue-green velvet. This is an alpine lake and the color mdash; under the shadow of this jewel-like, it is not a name. Not to mention the dress was about a hundred years late. His eyes rose to his face, he smiled.Hello, Lillian, he said, bowing, then turned to his two companions. Princess Nehemia. Captain Westfall. Dorian looked again killer dress. Mdash fabrics and folds, like a river flowing water & mdash; are quite attractive. You look happy. Celaena servants forehead lowered.The Lillian were present when she dressed services Chaol said. Nothing to wear. Of course, you need help let out of the corset & mdash; and clothing is a secret button and ties.My apologies, my lord prince maze, Celaena said. His eyes were bright, angry, pink blush on her cheeks. I'm really sorry for my dress does not fit you taste.No, no, he hastened to say, look at his feet. They wore red shoes & mdash; red as winter began to come out of the bushes of berries. You look very beautiful. Just a little & mdash; air. For centuries, in fact. She shot him a glare. He turned Nehemia. Forgive me, it was in his best Eyllwe, which is very impressive said. How do you do? His eyes shone his Eyllwe entertainment poor, but confirmed she nodded. I'm fine, sir, she replied in his language. Dorian waved his attention to the two guards, who is lurking in the shadows near & mdash; wait and see. Dorian blood in his veins.For weeks now Perrington Duke had pushed a plan to bring more troops to Eyllwe & mdash gently hold ring; crush the rebels so effective, they can not challenge again Adarlan rules. Yesterday, the Duke made a plan: They deploy more troops and keep Nehemia here to deter rebel revenge. Not particularly inclined to the hostage-taking added to the repertoire of his ability, Dorian spent hours arguing against. However, although some members of the Council also expressed their discontent, the majority seems to think the Duke strategy is sound. However, Dorian persuaded them to retreat, until his father returned. This will be her time to win a part of the Duke supporters.Now allow it stood before Dorian quickly looked to the princess. If it were anyone but the Crown Prince, he remembered him. But, before she should leave if Nehemia, the Duke will know who told her, and told her father. Things are pretty bad between Dorian and the king, he does not need to be labeled as rebellious sympathizer.Are you go to the party tonight? Dorian asked the princess, forced himself to look, to keep their characteristics neutral.Nehemia looked Celaena. Are you going? Celaena gave him a smile means trouble. Unfortunately, I have other plans. Is not ah, my lord? She did not bother to hide annoyance.Chaol undercurrent coughed, suddenly very interested in the coverage of berries. Dorian was in his. Do not blame me, Dorian said quietly. Rifthold you accept the invitation ago festive weeks. His eyes glisten, but Dorian would not give. He could not let her go to the feast, not with such observation. There will be too many problems. Moreover too many people. She will follow difficult.Nehemia Celaena furrowed brows. So you do not? No, but I'm sure you have a wonderful time, Celaena said, and then switch to Eyllwe, say something else. Eyllwe Dorian just competent enough, he got the gist of it is: His Highness certainly knows how to keep entertained.Nehemia women laughed, warm face of Dorian. They made a strong reason, God help them all.Well, we are very important, very busy, Celaena said, linking the elbow princess. Maybe leave to become friends is a terrible and dangerous idea. Therefore, we have to close. Good day to you, sir. It welcomes in its jewel with red and blue in the sun. She looked over her shoulder to Dorian sneer, she led the princess deep garden.Dorian glared Chaol. Thank you for the initiative to help the captain patted his shoulder. Do you think this is bad? You should see them when they are really gone. So after he walked women.Dorian want to shout, pulled her hair. He likes to see Celaena night & mdash; as it greatly. But in recent weeks he has been at the board meeting and hearing to catch up, I have not been able to visit him. If not for vacation, he went to her. He did not intend to speak of her dress and mdash harassment, although outdated & mdash; even though he knew she was not invited to the party would be irritated, however. . .Dorian Frowned down to kennels.Celaena laughing, running a finger over the trimmed hedges. She believes that the dress was beautiful. Holidays really! No, sir, Chaol says Nehemiah, quite slow, she can understand. I'm not a soldier. I am a guard.There no difference, the princess replied, his thick accent, a bit heavy. Nevertheless, Chaol knows enough hair, but could not suppress his glee.She'd Celaena try to see Nehemia considerable numbers over the last two weeks & mdash; mostly a short walk and dinner, where they discuss what is Eyllwe Nehemiah was growing up, she thought Rifthold, and who managed to upset the princess that day in court. Among them, the joy Celaena everyone.I'm usually untrained battle to fight, Chaol by his response teeth.You kill your king commands. Your king. Nehemia can not be fully competent in their language, but she was smart enough to know the power of those two words to say. Your king, not him. Although Celaena can listen Nehemia roar about Adarlan king for several hours, they are in the garden & mdash; others might be listening. A shiver ran Celaena go, Nehemia could say before she interrupted more.I thought it was useless to argue with her, Chaol, Celaena said, pushing captain of the guard with his elbow. Maybe you should not give you the title Terrin. Can you recover? This would avoid many confusion.How'd you remember my brother's name? She shrugged, not quite understand his eyes light. You tell me. Why do not you remember? It looks beautiful today. He was in his hair met his mdash path of golden skin, while in the tiny space between the actions, it is down in its brow.I assume that you will love the party & mdash; I, that's what she said morosely.He snorted. You're not upset to miss it? No, she said, sweeping her hair loose on the shoulder. But mdash; Well, it's a party, everyone loves me give you a trinket parties.Shall carnival if it contains air lamb.The roast, a considerable part of the sun, clear around it? . This festival is not exciting, he took the initiative. This is the same for all meals. I can assure you that you will be dry and the lamb tough.As my friend, you should be with me, or leave me company.Friend? He blushed asked.She. Well, & lsquo; escort frown "is a better description or lsquo; and ... I do not want knowledge, 'If you like his surprise, he smiled.The princess grabbed the hand you Celaena teach me to it! say Eyllwe taught me how to better speak your language & mdash; .. taught me to read and write better than I do now, so I do not have what they call these tutors.I & mdash terrible boring old suffering;. Celaena began in the lingua franca, and she felt guilty for leaving Nehemia cringe a conversation for so long, and having a competent princess in both languages ??would be very fun, but Chaol convince seeing Nehemia is always a hassle & mdash;. because he insisted he Sentry he never agreed to take lessons I do not know how to properly teach you my language, Celaena lied.Nonsense, Nehemiah says you taught me... through ... whatever you do it. Every day, one hour before supper.Nehemia lifted his chin in the way, say no recommendation is not an option. Celaena swallowed and did his best to find a happy, she turned Chaol, who raised eyebrows observe. she wanted me supper.I'm fear before, every day, it is impossible to advise him, he said it gave him a withering look translated.Nehemia usually consists of people began to sweat. Why not take it Eyllwe ?. she is smarter than this castle.Chaol most people fortunately catch, I do not think the thrust General & mdash;.? I'm not a princess Nehemia Eyllwe common interruption tongue.Your Highness Chaol starts, but he waved Celaena silence are near Belfry & mdash;. black and threatening, but as always, is kneeling before Cain looked down, he focuses on the footsteps of his ground.At, Cain was shot in the head a few things ... he grinned, got up, his hands covered dirt, but before Celaena better him or his strange behavior to observe, he shook his head Chaol barbaric tower.Nasty walked back Celaena respiration, in which direction it still looking disappeared.Who him? Nehemia asked Eyllwe.A soldiers in the king's army, Celaena said, although he served Duke Perrington.Nehemia neat Cain, and his black eyes narrowed. something about him makes me want to laugh at his face.Celaena fight. I'm glad I'm not the only one. He knew little prince, and never fully trusted. Neither Dorian, particularly in its use of Nehemia not as a hostage to get any cooperation Eyllwe rebels are empty. But the Duke was Advisers & mdash more worthy of the king's confidence, provided no reason on Adarlan rights of intense faith, do not trust each other conquest.Kaltain Rompier sitting a few chairs. Chaol slightly higher front. Perrington his eyes and & mdash; not full of desire and love, but with the cold thought. Chaol stretch again, he raised his arms above his head. Where Liduolian? The Prince did not come to dinner, nor is it with bitch and her puppies kennel. His eyes returned to Duke. It is & mdash ;! While Perrington eyes fell on his black circles of the left hand and the dark, as if his students was expanded to include the whole of each eye. Then he disappeared & mdash; his eyes returned to normal. Chaol looked Kaltain. If she noticed the strange not change & mdash; his face remained unchanged. There is no confusion, no surprises. It's lighter, as if she is more interested in how his coat will fit her clothes. Chaol established, finished his apple, he went to the canteen. The strange thing is, it is worrying. Duke is ambitious, but certainly not a castle or a threat to residents. However, even captain of the guard went to his room, he could not shake the Duke looked Perrington feeling too.Chapter 31Someone stood at the foot of his bed.Celaena knew this long before she opened her eyes, she carefully put the pillow hand, pulled out a knife comes, it will make the needle, string and unnecessary soap.That, a woman said, and his Celaena Elena straightened. The whole blood ineffective.Her cold spot Adarlan first sparkling phantom queen. Although Elena seems fully formed, the edge of his body glistening as if made of stars. Her long silver hair flowing over her beautiful face, she laughed because Celaena put his tragic knife. Hello, children, said.What queen do you want? Celaena requirements, but to keep his voice down. She dreamed, or guards could hear? She forced her legs ready to jump out of bed & mdash; perhaps to the balcony, because Elena was between her and remember door.Simply, you need to win this plan competition.I. She was awakened this? And it is not for you, she added coldly. I do this for my freedom. You have nothing to say, or are you just here to annoy me? Or maybe you can tell me more about hunting down the champion one.Elena sighed, looked up to the ceiling wickedly. I know as little as possible. When Celaena frown did not disappear, Elena said, you do not believe me. I see. But you and I are on the same side, if you let yourself believe it or not. She lowered her killer eyes, and intensity the plating. I'm here to remind you pay attention to your right.Excuse me? Celaena cocked his head. This is what it means? On your right. You will find there.Celaena looked good answer, but she saw the hidden tomb tapestry. She opened her mouth to bite reaction, but when she looked at Elena, Queen's gone.At his test the next day she Celaena goblet and a small table in front of all the research it contains. Samhuinn because it has more than two weeks, and it will pass another test and mdash; throwing knife, to her aid & mdash; another champion was found dead two days ago. If it was less and less sleep these days is an understatement. When she was not looking for anything around the body Wyrdmarks meant that she spent most of the night awake, watching her windows and doors, listening claws scraping the stone. royal guards outside his room did not help, if this beast is planing marble, it can be down a few men.Brullo sparring standing in front of the room, hands clasped behind his back, watching the rest of the thirteen competition opponents stood thirteen separate table. He looked at the clock. Celaena watch, too. She has five minutes & mdash; within five minutes, it must not only determine the seven cup of poison, but deadliest.The actual order of mildest test, however, will come at the end of five minutes, when they were high up drinking cup they think more harmless. If they get the wrong answer. . . Even antidote at hand, it will be unpleasant. Celaena rolled her neck and lifted a cup, his nose, sniffing. Mdash sweet, too sweet. She circled They will be used to mask the sweetness of the wine, but bronze cup, it is difficult to see the color. She dipped her finger into the cup, study purple liquid as it falls nails. She looked absolutely cup belladonna.She found another. Hemlock. Bloodthirsty. Aconite. Oleander. She was transferred to the beaker order just before the cup containing a lethal dose of belladonna oleander squeeze. Three minutes left.Celaena penultimate pick up the cup and sniffed. And sniffed again. It does not feel anything.She turned his face away from the table and sniffed the air, hoping to wipe his nose. When you try to perfume, people sometimes lose their sense of smell after sniffing too. That is why the perfume is normally kept things on the scene to help remove the smell from the nose. She sniffed the cup and dunk his fingers. I smell the water, it looks like water. . . Maybe this is just water. She put the glass down, picked up the goblet finals. But when she felt the wine there is no smell. It seems. She bit her lip, looking at the clock. Two other left.Some minutes champions is that they insulted him. Who had the most trouble home.Celaena new orders felt water glasses, tasteless poison drive list. None of them can be combined with water, no colorless. She took the cup of wine, swirling the liquid. Wine can hide an advanced poison & mdash; but one that is on the table to his left, the nitrogen oxides in her black hair and ran his hand? .